About Us


Nazanians had first-hand experience in nature’s healing abilities, recovering from a serious medical issue with the help of herbal infusions. Impressed and inspired with the results of their rehabilitation, Nazanians decided to share their knowledge and experience and founded a company, that specializes in artisan teas, infusions and other natural products.

The manufacturing facilities are located in Tavush region of Armenia.

As a family business, our company cares a lot about the community and the environment. We create jobs, supporting the regional economy and cooperate with environmental NGO’s, such as NABU Armenia, protecting unique Armenian nature and raising awareness about ecological issues our planet faces right now.

100% Natural

Everything that is clean, healthy, beautiful, kind and giving comes to us from the land and the sun and the air.

Closer To Roots

We try to bring nature closer to people and people – closer to their roots with delicious, organic products, designed to soothe their souls and cure their bodies.

Our Goal

To ensure that each package holds maximum value for your health and your pocket.


Our goal is to ensure, that each cup of our vibrant products brings you exquisite aroma with natural benefits of top quality herbs in beautiful packaging.


The herbs, flowers, berries and honey are sourced in Tavush region of Armenia. The unique natural environment, Armenian soil, sun and water ensure the unique taste profile and healing qualities of our herbs, that are grown at an altitude of 1300-2300m above the sea level.



This is our go-to policy, that applies to everything we do. Nature does not slack when it comes to the quality and detail of her creations and neither do we.



We gather, process, mix and package our products according to the highest Organic European standards.


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